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We source, secure, distribute, store, monitor and facilitate the agricultural process from start to finish.
Pulses and Beans
Pulses and Beans are considered food staples in many world cultures. Besides nutritious these food ingredients are also affordable, making it a perfect addition to many dishes. Albarico offers you the widest possible range of organic pulses and beans.
Grains are efficient at transforming sunlight, fertilizer, water, and air into macronutrients. We provide all of that in quality to every grain we grow, so that you can enjoy organic product supplied by us for your needs.
Processed products
Most food needs some degree of processing. However, in todays globalised world and new technologies, processing ends up in harming original organic quality of product. We use the latest technology to preserve the original organic characteristics of the products processed.
Oilseeds play an increasingly important role in society, both as an edible food product and for industrial uses. The benefits include the valuable oil component and the secondary but also useful meal, which provides a high energy and nutritionally important food. The secret of the quality and features of our oilseed products lies in the technologies used to preserve the original organic parameters during the process of production.
Feed grains
We have organic feed grains wholesale solutions to suit your business. Whatever industry you're in, we can supply your feed grains. By stocking high quality products and offering a wide variety of different feed grains with an affordable price for your business, there is only one place you have to source your ingredients from.